The Grieg Hall Bergen 13th Oct 2017

Ticketmaster reviews of the Hollies show in The Grieg Hall Bergen 13th Oct 2017

[Translated from Norwegian]

A very stage present band that played the old and good songs, but also some new ones that it was easy to like. Hollie's singer took me back to a great youth, the 60's. Memories, memories, memories!

Just absolutely amazing!!! Musical quality on top.

It was a great show. Very good mood and lots of wonderful music.

A fireworks of a concert in an intimate setting.  Shirt and tie ---- polished shoes! Just like the good old days! The group has highly skilled members both instrumentally and vocally. The audience had a high average age and recognized the melodies quickly after brief introductions. Good concert!

The Hollies is a fantastic group. They keep rocking even if they have been going on for almost 55 years. Better group does not exist. Tony Hicks is an amazing guitarist.

This was fun and very good. They played all the top hits. The whole hall followed up and sang along to one top hit after the other. The group appears fresh and in good form. Bobby and Tony have reached a respectable age, but they go on and show that they are "The Hollies". Tony has not forgotten his solo riffs and Bobby is safe and good at the drums. This was fun. Hope that there will be a new concert in 2018.

We were very pleased with the concert. Great music and great sound in Grieghallen. Missing some favorite songs, such as Writing on the Wall. But there was not time for all. Lovely new song presented. Hollies has managed to keep going on for many years and it is easy to understand why when we were at the concert. Very good. :)

The Hollies in Grieghallen 13.10.2017 was a great concert in every way. Group sparkles and delivers in every way. One hit after another. Great atmosphere in a great concert venue.

I had bought hotel passes this worked excellent with hotel and concert. The concert was great for us who remember the band from the 60's

The concert was absolutely top!!! It brought back good memories with many old beaters from my youth!!! I really had a wonderful time!  

Amazing that these "guys" keep it going and what a wonderful and rewarding commitment. The number of songs they have made is absolutely amazing. Both the vocal and the instrumental part of the performance was a rare and good experience. The atmosphere was easily felt. They had the audience in their hollow hands. Hope for more such good experiences in Grieghallen.

No doubt the guys still have the energy, the music fluctuates with familiar and less well-known melodies. It would be unfair to compare to their greatness of the old days. The drummer and the lead guitarist are outstanding, where do they get it from?  2x1 hour and just a short break, very impressive after 50 years of touring. Hope the busy Hollies enthusiasts will provide a new concert next year. Maybe a couple of big hits were missing, but we'll hear them from the sofa later.

The Hollies are keeping up well, good musicians and good at multi-voice songs. Great atmosphere and entertainment!

There is only one thing to say about The Hollies show and it's FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!

This was my 3rd Hollies concert in Bergen. Although only Tony and Bob are still there from the original band, the sound is almost authentic and as good as in the "old days" on the records. Main vocalist Peter is a discovery, he has the hall in his hollow hand and is just as good as Allan Clarke. Supplemented with keyboard and sometimes accordion, this gets almost better than the original line-up. A great experience on Friday the 13th !!!

It was wonderful to finally experience THE HOLLIES live in Grieghallen in Bergen. And what an atmosphere. Fantastic.

Awesome concert with many nice experiences in the packed Grieghall.

This was the best of the best. Great. This is recommended.

Fantastic concert from beginning to end, they include the audience so well and have fun together on stage, loose collar!

This was full speed, what great musicians they are. Top quality.

Have always been a fan of The Hollies. They did not disappoint this time either.

A truly amazing concert, if the opportunity comes again, I would like to come to more concerts, certainly recommendable.

An amazing concert that wakes up good memories from my youth :-)

Very good concert. Enjoyed the concert very much. They still keep up the steam.