Oslo Concert Hall 14th Oct 2017

Audience comments from The Hollies in Oslo Concert Hall 14th Oct 2017

[Translated from Norwegian]

The Hollies gave us the youth back for an evening. Although the lights in the Oslo Concert Hall were influenced by a gray shine from the audience, The Hollies shone like a rainbow over us. Old rhythms took us back to our memories, good instrumental playing, good voices and good songs. I hope you will be back soon!!!


I got tickets to The Hollies with travel and stay in Oslo for my 70th anniversary. The concert was excellent. The band has musicians born in 1941 and up. I want to attend the next concert if it is in Norway. The band played very well and the songs had wonderful three parts harmonies.


The sound was a little low at the start of the concert. Soon it turned out to be very very good. The vocalist who on several occasions was alone on stage and sang was amazing!!


Fantastic good show delivered by a fantastic good band!


Very good. Great! I do not regret that I travelled all the way from Bodø. It was worth every penny.


This brought back old memories. We really enjoyed ourselves - a splendid evening.


I had a jolly good time and a wonderful experience last Saturday.